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Bonza Mail - Features

Control Panel Bonza Mail includes a control panel where you can send messages, add or delete addresses from your mailing list, and change your mailing list settings. View the online demo.
Security A password is required to log into the control panel. You can change your password whenever you wish. If you forget your password, Bonza Mail can email a new one to you.
Sending Messages Bonza Mail can send plain text or HTML formatted messages, or both at the same time. If you send both at the same time, and your recipients have HTML capable email programs, they will see the HTML formatted message, otherwise they will see the plain text message.

Plain text messages are the most user-friendly. They can be read in any email program. To send a text message, just type the message into Bonza Mail, or create the message in another text editor and then copy and paste it into Bonza Mail.

HTML messages have greater impact. They can be made to resemble stationery or they can include all the formatting of a web page, including images. You can create your HTML message in DreamWeaver or any other web page editor, then copy and paste the source code into Bonza Mail. Your HTML code can include links to images installed on your website.

To send an HTML and text version of your message at the same time, paste an HTML formatted message into Bonza Mail, then let Bonza Mail create the text version of the message for you. For more precise formatting, you can type or paste the text version of your message into Bonza Mail. The message you are reading is a multi-part text/HTML email.

Test Messages Before sending a message to your entire mailing list, you can send a test to yourself to verify formatting.
Send A Web Page You can use Bonza Mail to send an existing web page to your mailing list. Bonza Mail can even reformat the image links so they will point to the image sources on the original website.
Message Headers You can specify the email address that will appear in the "FROM" header of your messages. Each recipient will see only their own email address in the "TO" header of your messages. They will NOT see the entire list of addresses on your mailing list.
Subscribing and Unsubscribing Using the Bonza Mail control panel, you can add or delete one or thousands of email addresses to your mailing list very quickly. Bonza Mail will sort through the list, removing any duplicate or improperly formatted addresses.

From the Bonza Mail control panel you can obtain the HTML code to insert into your web page to create a simple subscribe/unsubscribe form. Visitors to your website can then subscribe or unsubscribe to your list at any time.

Subscription through the form on your website will require authentication by the subscriber. They will receive an email message with a link that they must click to activate their subscription. This double opt-in process prevents pranksters from adding bogus addresses to your list. The double opt-in feature can be turned off if you prefer. You can also require a similar double opt-out when people unsubscribe to your list.

Each message you send using Bonza Mail can include an unsubscribe link so recipients can easily remove themselves from your mailing list if they wish.

You can set Bonza Mail to send you an email each time someone subscribes or unsubscribes to your list.

Archives When you send a message to your mailing list, you have the option of saving a copy of the message in an archive on the web server. You can edit or delete archived messages at any time. You can make the archive available for others to view by providing a link on your website or by email.
Customization You can customize the Bonza Mail pages viewed by your subscribers to match the appearance of your website. You can also customize the default messages Bonza Mail sends during the subscription/unsubscription process. We will be happy to make these customizations to Bonza Mail for you for a small extra charge (see Extras).

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