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Bonza Mail - Frequently Asked Questions

How often can I send messages to my list?

You can send a message to your list as often as once a day (but we don't recommend it unless you make it clear to your subscribers that you intend to do so). We recommend using Bonza Mail for your weekly or monthly newsletter, plus occasional announcements.

Can I send file attachments with my Bonza Mail messages?

Unfortunately, no. Sending a message containing one or two large attachments to a list of 5,000 subscribers would put too much of a strain on the mail server. If you wish to include images in your HTML message, simply link to the image files on your website. If you are unsure how to do this, contact us for assistance.

Can I use Bonza Mail to send unsolicited advertisements?

Absolutely not. Bonza Mail is not to be used for sending spam. We define spam as any email advertisement sent to someone who is not already your customer or who has not specifically requested to be subscribed to your mailing list. The use of Bonza Mail to send spam will result in the immediate termination of your account and may also result in legal action. Please refer to our Acceptable Use Policy for more details.

Do you have existing lists of email addresses that we can use to start our mailing list?

We are sorry, but no. Bonza Mail is designed to make it easy for you to manage your own list of subscribers who have specifically requested to be added to your mailing list. We do not have any lists of email addresses to sell or share.

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